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31 October 2005

Quick - Apropos of Halloween

MonkeyGurl went to a punkin patch. She and her "cousin" got twinsie face paints. Too kewt.

Momma entertained an 11 month old by putting a ball on her head. Stupid, but LOOK AT THAT CLEAVAGE!!!!

MonkeyGurl's Unca is incognito. I'd tell you who he is, but ((all together now)) I'd have ta kill ya.


And remember to be generous -
Nobody likes a Halloweenie!!!

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Yeah. A-hem. that's *exactly* how I'd characterize it! 'Cept they left the part out where I have NO IDEA what I am doing!!!
Ah, well. Sigh. Had a great weekend - in San Diego. Hope to have some pix soon. Y'know, I've been knitting for almost 2 years now. WHY did I not know that Wally-Marticus has *NO* wool content yarn?!?! I mean, I thought *some* of the LB yarn would have *some* wool content (after all, it IS called "Woolease"!!!!) But NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
So, guess I'm going to be even later on the Fuzzy Feet KAL. Oh, well. It's not as though there's a big rush, what with temps in the FRIGGIN 90's today!!!! Jeeeeze.

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28 October 2005

Obligatory Animal Picture

Caint let the weekend come without sharing some wicked kewt managerie pix. Submitted for your approval, Jaggerdawg and her evil little brother, Dust Bucket. He only LOOKS sweet.

25 October 2005


This is my first baby - I've had her since she was a teeny, tiny leetle pup. She made my then-boyfriend crawl under a house to get her. She was the only black pup out of a litter of brown and tan cheerleader types. They bounced all over the place - "PICK ME!" "CHOOSE ME!!!" "LOVE ME!!!!!" Whereas Jag stood nonchalantly off to the side, as if to say, "Whatever."

Gotta love that.

She was the *BEST* with the baby Monkeygurl. So patient and gentle.

Of course that was 10 years ago. Now, she sits and looks at me with her soulful eyes, as if to say, "Hey. Got any food?"

21 October 2005

The One And Only

This is the only time I've ever seen a recipient wearing something I've knitted. Now, I'm not saying they *don't* wear 'em (althought they probably don't), just that I've never seen them. Baby Starfire is a great model, doncha think? And BigGurl Starfire is just gorgeous. I have to look at that sheeyat all day. Life is so unfair.

Submitted for your consideration

One of my favorite blogs. They are running a contest for the FUGLIEST thing ever knitted. Seeing as how I (1) am a fairly new knitter; (b) *hate* to swatch for gauge ("swatches?! we don' need no stinkin' swatches!!"); and (iii) am easily distracted by shiny, pretty things, OH, look! A penny!!! Uhmmmmm. Oh, if I kept the fugly things I've knitted, I would have plenty to submit. (Un?)Fortunately, I usually frog stuff that I don't like as soon as I finish it. AND, seeing how most of my stash is acrylic redheart/lionbrand-type cheapo stuff, I don't really care about whether it snags upon said frogging. HOWEVER, there were a few items I did manage to salvage. I'll post the pix as soon as the contest is over (11pm CST - HOW CAN I WAIT THAT LONG?!?!?!), b/c I really don't want to jinx my chance of winning. Hey, first place gets some fancy-schmancy *w-w-w-o-o-o-o-o-o-l-l-l-l* type yarn. And a public flogging. Oh baby!!!

18 October 2005

Beautiful Baby

This is my beautiful baby, Olivia. Well, she's not *my* baby, per se, but she's one of the babies I've knitted for. One of these days, I'm going to get a picture of her in one of my outfits. Fortunately, her mom doesn't know about this blog (like *anyone* does!), so I can let you in on a little secret - I just finished a cute little dress for her. Of course, at this rate, it will be a midriff-baring top. And she's not even 1 year old!!!!

Knitting in Public?

In case you're wondering, Denise needles are perfectly OKAY to bring into Dizzyland!

(you can just barely se me in the corner)

Proof positive that you don't have to be bored on a *really* crowded day at dizzyland. And these are just the times someone took a picture!!!


The day after dizzyland, we went to downtown dizzy. Wow, what a racket. Despite a thorough search for anything pirate, I came up empty. To make matters worse, I was attacked on my way out. . .

17 October 2005


She got a surprise trip to Dizzyland - THREE AND A HALF HOURS from her school to Anaheim (should be only a 1.25 hr drive). Lord. Never doing that again. But she had a *great* time and was even more surprised by the appearance of her favorite Unca Douggles, his girlfriend, and her two kids ("Mah cuzzinz"). A great time was had by all. It didn't hurt that Unca's birthday was the day before - so we had a doubley good time. And yes, I did knit while waiting in line!!!

13 October 2005

In case you were wondering

why I just *love* that picture from, here is a picture of me and the original MonkeyGirl. See the resemblance?!

A rather cute baby ensemble. Wall decoration courtesy of the Monkey Gurl. Posted by Picasa

I don't know if this is more embarrassing for me or the model.  Posted by Picasa

Hey, this was *fun*. At least, it was for me! Posted by Picasa

A sweater and cap for a friend's babe. Good thing the kid is cute!! Posted by Picasa

A scarf and bandana(?) for a 11 y/o friend. Good thing she doesn't judge me. Posted by Picasa

Another f/o. These were quite popular, if you haven't heard. Posted by Picasa

One of my f/o's - The Monkey *does* have clothing on underneath, and, in my defense, this was BEFORE Martha got outta Camp Cupcake. Posted by Picasa

Da Monkey GURRRRRL!!! Posted by Picasa

Okay, I admit it

I don't know how to post, add buttons, or make links. But I'm (slowly) figuring out how to post pictures, and that's a good thing, right? In case you were wondering if I ever am going to have knit content, the answer is "YES!! . . .when I can figure out how. In the meantime, attached (hopefully) is a picture of the latest F/Os. They are a bit garish and wild, but, as I've learned the hard way, babies are all about texture and ease in care, and babygurls are all about the PINK. Oy.

12 October 2005

I've got a friend!

Or maybe not. But one thing about this crazy town is it is really, REALLY hard to meet like-minded people. Hey, reasonably intelligent, kind-hearted, wacky folks don't grow on trees, apparently. But I've been here for. . . Seven? Eight? years, and other than the girl next to me at The Firm, there is no one I've met that I'd care to hang out with. Or I have, and they don't feel the same way about me. I dunno; maybe I just come off as being too flakey. Sucks when you don't have a filter. BUT, GAWD LOVE THE INNERNET!!!! I've met two bloggers that seem really cool, love (live?) to knit, and I *might* actually meet one of them in the near future. Yay. Now if I could only figger out how to post pictures (well, I know *how*, I just can't seem to make it upload correctly!). Oh, and get someone to read this crap.


PS - HEY!!!! Look!!! I successfully posted the Original Monkey Gurrl!!!!! Cute, no? Still... those eyebrows. . .