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04 April 2007

To My Five Loyal Readers

I'm taking a break. Much like nearly EVERYONE else, this is an almost overwhelming time for me, and I won't have much time or inclination for blogging. Hopefully, things will be more settled by the end of the month.

In the meantime, I will be visiting you on the ether, and trying to make it to Thursday nite SnBs. And if you really want your ovaries to ache, check out these kidvids.

Ring of fire (definitely worth the wait for the Big Finish

Folsom Prison (he knows words to songs I've never even heard)

Take a load of fanny take one

take a load off fanny take two (a job so nice, he sung it twice!)

Baby got back (always cuter when sung by a 4 year old)

you are my sushine take one (so precious)

you are my sunshine take two (so. . . loud)