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30 July 2007

From the Mundane to the Sublime

Finished reading HP7. I was very sad when it ended. I am quite satisfied with the way everything went - very much true to the story - but I was just sad. It's like saying goodbye to a good friend.

Saw HP5. This was my least favorite of the books, and as it turns out, probably my least favorite of the movies. Still, the special effects and individual performances were spectacular.

I went baby-visiting, which very nearly turned into baby-napping. Gawd, this kid is cute (what kid izzint?!) But he was teething and kept sucking on my shoulder, which made him that much more endearing.

26 July 2007

You Have *GOT* To Watch This

Trust me. It's worth it. Concentrate on the first couple they interview.

American Girl Interview

23 July 2007


How are ya? Did ya have a good weekend? Mine was not so bad.

Since it was *SO FRIGGIN HOT*, I considered going boating with an old friend.

I hate to get up that early, so I almost didn't go. But he somehow managed to entice me with a game of "Who's-Yer-Pirate".

At least he's wearing that hat I made him.

17 July 2007

Queen Vic

Hey! How are you! Where have you been?!

Okay, let's see by a show of hands who of you watched Posh's new show?? C'mon, be honest. Liar.

Well, I watched it. It had the same kind of perverse attraction for me as, say, a multi-car accident, with decapitation, or a Discovery Channel special on how someone carried their own undeveloped twin in their abdomen or something. You have to admit, Mz. Beckham *is* fascinating. All skinny with big boobs and legs that go on and on and on. Plus, I'm getting a little bored with the whole Paris/Brittney/Lindsay debacle.

To be honest, I liked her a lot more than I would have expected. She's classy (at least what she lets us see of her; don't think I'm totally smitten!), enthusiastic, and quite an oddity. I *like* that she dresses for the paparazzi (SP?); at least she doesn't try to pretend like she doesn't want the attention. She seems like she'd be wicked fun to hang out with, but just wicked to cross.

Go on, admit it. You like her too.

16 July 2007

Do You Remember. . .

There was a movie, probably from the '70's (that's the 1970's, WMG), where the olives had to be picked before the monsoon hit? I have no idea what that movie is about, who was in it, or what it is called, but for some reason it's been teasing my brain a LOT lately.

It would lessen my insanity quite a bit if you could he'p a sistah out.

12 July 2007

Check out this site

I don't usually do this, but the work this man does is amazing. It is the first thing I have seen that is befitting my angel baby.

As you can imagine, the fees for his work is not cheap. It's kinda like someone commissioning a hand-knit sweater -- if you charged a reasonable rate, say, $25/hour, plus supplies, the price would be exorbitant, which is why most of us wouldn't even consider it.

Still. I think Jaggers is worth the price.

I'm picking up Jagger's remains today, and will be a gelatinous puddle of emotion by the time I get home.

10 July 2007

2 Busy 2 Post

Life is tough (still) - WeeMonkeyGurl is terribly homesick, the Grandparents don't know how to handle her, and I haven't had time to post. Bad, bad me.

But, in the style of knit bloggers everywhere, I give you kitty pictures.

This is the Bucket (it's a long story). . . And yes, we still have not fully moved in to our new place. Shuddup. It's too hot.

And this is the Bucket's girlfriend.

How do I know that she's his girlfriend? They hang out together on the porch when the humans aren't around, she eats all his food (yet maintains her delicate figure), and when he comes anywhere within her personal space, she hisses and spits at him.

On second thought, I think they went to Vegas and are now married.