Gin. Knitting. Monkeys. What more could you ask for?!

23 September 2005

Alcohol is goooooood

Okay. So maybe its the tequila talking, but life is pretty good out here. I'm safe, my daughter is safe (OG monkey gurl!!!), I have a decent job and a nice place to live. So tell me, when asked my my friend and resident transient, Eric, "what if that tower (the KTLA broadcasting tower) was Rita and it stretched all the way to Anaheim, and we had 168 mph winds, what would you think about that?!", my reply was "That would be soooooo coool!!!" "You have only 10 seconds to think that was cool!" "Yeah, but *that's what life is all about*!!! It's about those 10 seconds when you're totally blown away by something far beyond your comprehension, much less your control!!! Everything else is just gravy."

Okay, for a 50-something y/o transient, alcoholic, ex-back up singer for an old 60's R&B group to look at me like I'm crazy, well, that's saying something. So I had to backtrack a bit - "Well, if I *didn't* have a daughter that I was worried about." That hardly made it any better. But isn't that what life is about?! The thrill?! The losing control?! Oh, sure; we have to make ends meet and be responsible, but every once in a while, isn't it beautiful to just let go?!

That's my thought. But maybe it was the tequila effect.