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17 July 2007

Queen Vic

Hey! How are you! Where have you been?!

Okay, let's see by a show of hands who of you watched Posh's new show?? C'mon, be honest. Liar.

Well, I watched it. It had the same kind of perverse attraction for me as, say, a multi-car accident, with decapitation, or a Discovery Channel special on how someone carried their own undeveloped twin in their abdomen or something. You have to admit, Mz. Beckham *is* fascinating. All skinny with big boobs and legs that go on and on and on. Plus, I'm getting a little bored with the whole Paris/Brittney/Lindsay debacle.

To be honest, I liked her a lot more than I would have expected. She's classy (at least what she lets us see of her; don't think I'm totally smitten!), enthusiastic, and quite an oddity. I *like* that she dresses for the paparazzi (SP?); at least she doesn't try to pretend like she doesn't want the attention. She seems like she'd be wicked fun to hang out with, but just wicked to cross.

Go on, admit it. You like her too.


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