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20 September 2007

The Road to Hell...

Remember that saying? About the good intentions and all?

Well, I've been working really hard on getting back to being sociable, after being a hermit for several months. Don't get me wrong - I *like* being a hermit, but I also recognize that it is important to have social interactions beyond work and immediate family. Other than Wee Monkey Gurl and the Jman, the only other human beings I interact with have been virtual in the last couple of months.

Updating and (ir)regular posting on the blog is a way to force myself back into the swing of things. I love the give and take of the virtual community, and I'm reminded of how supportive and caring the knit community is. Given that, I set a deadline on returning to the WeHo SnB. Even if I don't exchange one word with anyone there, I always feel heartened by the camaraderie and cheer. And everyone knows the best way to accomplish something is to set a firm date.

My date? 06 September 2007.


First, there was the excuse of WMG being back home and back in school and last-minute gift finishing. Then, I was sick and it was Rosh Hashanah and. . . some other feeble reason. Now, it's Back-to-School Night, and WMG has her heart set on me being there. THE STARS ARE IN ALIGNMENT AGAINST ME!!!! Seriously. Why does WMG's school HAVE to schedule functions on Thursday nights? When there are SIX OTHER NIGHTS to choose from?

For example, they offer a parenting class periodically. Normally, I wouldn't go for such pseudo-psycho balderdash (I can say that - I got my BS in Psych), but I'm still looking for that "Ah-HAH!" technique with WMG. We all know she's WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more clever than I am, and its only a matter of time before her super powers kick in. Heretofore, the class has been offered at 11am on TUESDAYS. When I say the school is filled with Pilates-lovin', country club founding member, Beverly Hills or Bel Air livin' soccer moms, I ain't kiddin'. DON'T YOU PEOPLE WORK?! Oy.

Finally, this year (WMG's FIFTH), they are offering the class from 7 - 9 pm. Yay. Finally a nod to working stiffs like me.

But guess what night its on?

Yup. Thursday nights.

They suck.

And no, WMG won't even acknowledge me when I get there tonight, but if I had the nerve to NOT SHOW, she would not let me forget it. Sigh.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, again I say "Definitely next week." Hopefully this time I mean it.


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