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18 September 2007

Random Updates

(fuzzy cell phone pic to prove I was there. For pix much more in focus, go to Ellen's blog, natch.)

By the curious turn of events on Friday/Saturday, I ended up going to see the Harlot on Saturday afternoon, when I *should* have been at the baby shower. Initially, I primarily intended to support my gurl, Ellen, who was doing the introduction (and did a bang up job, I must say!!)

I know Stephanie from her blog, which is, in turn, amusing and insightful and inspiring, and I even thought to enter the Knitting Olympics a couple of years ago (I still haven't finished the sweater that is 7/8ths complete!) Heck, anyone that advocates drunken knitting has got to be okay. But I had no idea that woman is friggin HI-LARIOUS!!! It was like watching funny stand-up for 2 hours (I'm usually not terribly amused at comedy clubs). Something about that Canadian accent. I can't explain it, but I laughed my arse off.

Anyone that can command an audience of several hundred(??) (my powers of estimation are lacking), then spend over an hour afterward signing books, and still come off as gracious and humble, has got to be okay in my book.

Dillon (the baby who wouldn't wait) made his innerweb appearance today.

Whatta doll. You wouldn't know by looking he was a month early!

In case you were wondering, Pico Avenue is the place to find your sukkah.

Sure, they probably don't have power tools, but you want palm fronds?! They got 'em!!!

Also, it's the place for "HI" fashion.

As in: If you think this is fashionable, you must be HI.


At 3:25 PM, Blogger WineGrrl said...

Now I know where to get my "sukkah," LOL!

The Hi Fashion was probably high fashion in maybe it is high fashion for someone....maybe.


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