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14 September 2007

The Baby Shower is THIS Weekend?!

Oh, SHITTAKE MUSHROOMS!!! Well, I guess Baby Dillon won't be getting a matching cap or pants, like I'd imagined. But concentrated work got him a little sum-sum finished last nite:

Ohhhhh! How CUTE!!!!!!

A close-up of the sweater

A close up of the elly-fantagos. Pattern found here.

The sweater is just a generic baby sweater pattern. Since Boys don't get the fun, crazy colors or textures Girls do (sorry, all my gender-shouldn't-dictate-color friends; these are very conservative, vanilla friends), I stuck with garter stitch for texture, and used some organic cotton I had in the stash (yay me!) I'm thinking Dillon's Mom can just toss this in the washer and lay flat to dry (the ends are knotted and weaved in). Anyone have an opinion on that?

To make it more unique (how do you catch a special rabbit? U-nique up on it!! How do you catch a trained rabbit? Da TAME way!!!), I made a pair of ellies. When I saw the pattern (thank you, knitting pattern central!!!), I knew I had to make 'em. They are just too danged cute. For the baby elly, I used one strand o' cotton in the sage color, and for the momma, I used one sage, one off-white, and larger needles (prolly about US7s). There was a lot of sewing involved, which I generally don't like (especially under a tight deadline), but at least I got to practice my kitchener. WOOT!!! Eyes are some purple Microspun just embroidered in.

It really is much cuter in person than in poorly-lit cellphone camera, so I think I'm okay. Too bad the shower is out in, like, ENCINO, which to my Valley-challenged mind is the same as Ventura or Ojai. Mapquest says it should take 25 minutes, so maybe an HOUR and a HALF later, I'll be there.

Hmmm... I wonder if that's anywhere near the yarn store in Chatsworth that is having a sale....

Ed. to Add: Just got this in the e-mail. Doesn't it just figure, after I ditched SnB AGAIN, and stayed up late finishing:

NEWS FLASH! NEWS FLASH! D's baby shower is being postponed! I guess little baby Dillon really didn't want to miss the shower so he decided to make his grand entrance this morning! he is 1 month premature but doing great! We'll plan to have the shower sometime in November so baby Dillon can attend too. We'll keep you posted! Thanks and CONGRATULATIONS to D, R and (big sister) L!!!!!

Guess he's getting the cap after all.


At 1:48 PM, Blogger ladylinoleum said...

Dude, I love the ellies! Awesome choice of pattern! Actually, I may need to design a crocheted elephant in the near future. Too cute. Oh, and the sweater is darling too!

At 3:56 PM, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Excellent baby knit-work, My Dear! That's gonna be one stylin' little boy!

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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