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15 June 2007

Welcome to The Family


After nearly a year, the adoption is final. Wa-wa-nessa is OFFICIALLY a part of the family.

Best Pal #2 Ellie and her husband, Lou-Lou, unable to have kids of their own, finally decided to go the adoption route. Man, it was painful. And long. And difficult. Because if there is a more prepared person to become a mom, I haven't met her. Ellie's undergrad degree is in child development. She started her own company that now employs 33 people, including her husband. She comes from a large, loving, very close family. As a matter of fact, her parents finally made the move from Ohio (Iowa? Indiana?) and live a block away (that's Pops in the background). But all that didn't make the process any easier.

Like most couples, they *thought* they would adopt a baby, and they wanted a biracial child (Ellie's Puerto Rican, Lou-Lou's Black). She had the "room" all made up with crib, changing table, murals, etc., but its funny how life sometimes takes a turn. They met Wa-Wa (my nickname for her). That child has the same sense of humor and personality and . . . presence as both Ellie and Lou-Lou. Of course, it was love at first sight.

Early into the process, Wa-Wa was introduced to the inner sanctum (Ellie, Doug, Andrea and I) and our respective families. She fit in like she had been raised by us.

I love Wa-Wa. She has been through some sh*t in her life, but she finally found her forever family and knows it. Sometimes it takes a little longer - I didn't meet mine until I was in my 30's. :) But they are *so* worth the wait!

And, speaking of families, THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends that have expressed their sympathy, empathy and understanding about everything that's happened in the last month. It's been a rough patch, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel (which is probably a freight train racing toward me), and I really appreciate the support I've gotten. Even if the forum is virtual, the comfort is real.


At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Frank said...

Wow, that was timely for me! I'm happy that Wawa has a forever family. She looks like an incredible young woman.

Glad you're seeing light at the end of the tunnel as well.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger miss kendra said...

i heart you, and i heart your people for opening their lives to an older child. you know what i mean. <3


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