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27 March 2007

I'm Bored.

I'm uninspired. I'm swatching (yes, SWATCHING) for either Marnie's Pismo or Carlsbad for a very dear friend, but he's out of the country and won't be receiving it for months - just in time for summer, no doubt.

I cleaned out my "convenient" stash - that what sits around me downstairs, and managed to come up with a garbage bag (scented, no less) of cast offs that I'm going to donate to Karyn and her kids. When I go through my upstairs stash, I think I'll split it between the Pali kids and Stitches. I like that most of the stuff Karyn's kids go to Stitches when completed, but I also like that a lot of yarn from Stitches goes to senior centers, where older folks on a fixed income can get their hands on fibery goodness (even if it is acrylic).

But I'm totally stressed out on the whole moving thing. I *hate* moving, and you would think I'd be used to it by now! There is so much freaking crap I have to get rid of (4 large garbage bags over last weekend!) The worst part is when it comes to crap that I know I *could* sell for some profit (every little bit helps), but then I remember that the only thing worse than moving is having a moving sale. Especially when you have no available "yard". Urgh. So I think I should donate it, but there are only a few specific places I'll donate to (on principle), like women and children's shelters, and they only have certain hours for accepting donations, yadda, yadda.

Aurgh. I need inspiration. And since I have no knitterly pix, I thought I'd share these with you - Baby Steven and Baby Oh decided to have a birfday party for Gus-Gus and Stella. Don't they look excited?!
Stella, with the ever lovely Miss Oh!

My Gus-Gus!!

Miss Oh! and "Baby Steven" who, according to his mom "has been such a shit for a week. talking back. not listening. calling me names. pushing his sister. and when he gets in trouble he says he doesn't care. i am ready to strangle him." Oh, I think I can relate!!!


At 3:07 PM, Blogger ladylinoleum said...

I hate moving too. Sending you good vibes for a swift moving experience...


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