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26 March 2007


I think I'm gonna have to go with Ucc's suggestion, sort of. Granted, I had to look up "High Quark" in wiki, but it was the definition of top quark that got me: "The top quark interacts primarily by the strong interaction but can only decay via the weak force. It almost exclusively decays to a W boson and a bottom quark."

Boson looks too much like bosom to ignore, and by the time I'm in my 80's, well, I have no doubt I'll be reduced to a W Bosom. :) But beyond that, it's not gender specific, so it's even more appropriate.

And yes, I generally do throw these away, but for some reason, this time I thought, "WTF? Why NOT respond?" It's not like any of those yahoos will remember me, anyway.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger WineGrrl said...

When you mentioned Quark, I thought you were talking about a Ferengi Bartender...which shows you the depth of my ignorance

At 12:10 PM, Blogger Uccellina said...

No no! It shows the height of your geekiness.

At 1:32 PM, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

How sad is it that when I saw "Ferengi" I immediately thought StarTrek, but then wondered, hmmm. Could it be StarWars?!

At 3:41 PM, Blogger WineGrrl said...

Trek Geek Here,LOL!

Ferengi were (are?) in Star Trek.


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