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25 January 2007

I have officially hit The Wall

Oh, my gawd. Yesterday went well. The Wee Monkey Gurl was so well-prepared for the procedure that when the tech started to explain what would be happening, she just zoned right on out. :) That's mah gurl!

Tuesday nite, we went to a fashion show at the trade show where my gurlfriend was showing her clothing line. It was very cool to see the booths at the trade show - mamahood has changed much in the few short years since WMG was bornt. But note to self - no matter how thirsty, NEVER drink free wine. Sure, it was poured from a bottle, sure it was kinda really (too) sweet, but I do NOT drink wine in general, and I SHOULD NOT drink wine. Especially when I *know* I'm gonna be doing some real drinking afterward. Oy.

WMG showed up with the Jman at the trade show dressed like the princess she is. She had a really great time, feeling all grown up about being out so late. :) Then the Jman got to take her home to wash her hair while *I* got to hang out with mah gurlz at the Standard. What a dive. But the rooftop bar is nice, and the crowd was so non-trendy out-of-towners, I felt like we were being received as local divas. Good for us.

Five a.m. came around early yesterday.

BUT. The really Great news is that my girlfriend, K2, gave birth this a.m. around 1:45. Mom and Babe are happy, healthy, perfect in every way. How could this have happened? It was only a month ago (or so it seems) that she told me she was preggers. AND I HAVEN'T FINISHED HIS SWEATER YET!!!! Okay, I admit - I put it aside for ex-mas knitting but I could have sworn I had more time!!! AURGH. Guess I know what I'm going to be doing for the next day and a half (I'm going to visit them this weekend).

Once I take a nap.


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