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04 January 2007

Dolly Dolly Dolly - Get Your Adverbs Here!

Exposition - From the beginning of November through the end of December, I had a tough time getting my pictures to send from my camera phone to my computer. A few times it would work, most times it wouldn't. It was driving me NUTZ, I tell ya. Beyond the normal level of nutticism. Therefore, there are a few things that I didn't have the distinct pleasure of sharing with all y'all and getting the requisite kudos and compliments. Cuz y'all know I *thrive* on that kinda thing.

Rising Action - I received a phone bill that was about $50 more than the usual $10. I called the company to question the charges. Seems that every time I tried to send the data (and it failed b/c of lack of connectivity), and when it asked "resend?" and I hit "yes", I was charged TWICE. Some times it would just resend on its own and charge me AGAIN. It was bad enough that I was not getting my pictures, but I was getting charged for not getting my pictures.

Conflict - Not only did the Jman get me a fahncee new camera for ex-mas, but we also got a trade-in on our old, sucky phones. I had about 24 hours to do whatever I could with the old phone before the new ones were activated and I couldn't access them. I had a gazillion pictures that hadn't been able to send in the last two months, but I didn't want to lose them forever!

Falling Action - Not only did the customer service rep cut my phone bill in half (still not right, but close enough for me), he checked on my settings which enabled me to send the pictures.

Denouement (the whole point of this post was give me an opportunity to use that word!!!!) - I got some pichaz fo' yaz.

At last, I present the final rendition of Olivia's Dolly!!!

Monkeys like nekked dollys!!!

A close up of Dolly's hair, which I ingeniously constructed by taking 3 plies of yellow and mixing with 3 plies of off-white to get a color closely approximating the color of Baby O's hair. I then crocheted a bunch of those wormy-type things we all did in junior high. Some I did with fewer plies to give her a nice, kicky hair-do.

A close-up of Dolly's face, which (to me, at least) more than vaguely resembles Baby O's. . .

And as I remarked to anyone who would listen, when you start knitting a SKIRT and BOLERO for a dolly, you've really crossed over into crazy craft lady land.

If you ever see me scrap-booking, just shoot me.


At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Locked and loaded, my friend. I will never let you slide that far into madness.

At 5:13 PM, Blogger miss kendra said...

really? scrapbooking is bad? because i like those little cut out stampy things.

can i just buy a few?


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