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27 December 2006

It wasn't all bad...

After the 6 hour ER stay, we managed to drag our arses on the road and down to Ramona. For those of you unfamiliar, it's known as "god's country" and for good reason. It's like driving to Big Bear, but without the benefit of a good ski run. And at night, with the Old Lady (Jman) driving, it can be quite adventurous. Oh, and let's mix in the fact that his brother didn't know the proper exit from the freeway (and it was to HIS house we were driving!!!)

Once safely ensconced in the home, we were happy to see everyone - Uncles (one from AZ), cousins (one from KY), aunties and grandpas. It's the paternal side of the family, and while they can be a bit. . . *country*, they are good people. WMG got to hang with her cousins and that always thrills her.

We left the next morning sans shower - it's a little hard to have privacy when your father-in-law and brother-in-law are in the next room, with an adjoining bathroom, and there are NO DOORS. Did I mention the house is still being built? Nice.

South to Paradise Hills we went (a few miles north of the SD/TJ border), where I had a nap and what was quite possibly the BEST shower of my life. :) This time, we visited one of my best friends for the last 15 years, and to me, that's a lifetime. She recently adopted a 12 y/o girl, so it was more fun for the WMG. They made cookies FROM SCRATCH and generally acted like pre-teen girls.

West was the next direction - to Del Mar area. Just to drop off the Jag dawg. Then North to Rancho Santa Fe - the polar opposite of Ramona. This is where folks like Janet Jackson and Elton John have homes. As a matter of fact, the house where we went for ex-mas eve dinner was originally built for Elton, but the builders ('Dre's parents) decided they wanted to keep it for themselves. Can't really blame them.

It was the poshest of posh affairs - Robbie, their personal chef, had been cooking for 3 days. There was roast beast, turkey, fish, all kinds of side dishes that probably have fancy names but just tasted fantastic to me, and what was the BEST brussel sprouts I've had in ten years. The company was a beautiful mix of the rich, famous, and us. :) The kids had a great time performing in the "viewing room" while the movie played on them. Don't even get me started about the fantastic rooms the kids have - and this is at their grandparent's house! Good times were had by all.

Back down to Del Mar, for SLEEP and exmas day with Douggles, his wife, the Dawnster, cousins Ashee and Warnnen, Mama L, and a surprise visit from our hard-core washingtonian republican, Sitruc. Just to make things interesting, there's Jaggers (100 lb lab), Lola (85 lb bulldog), Frankie (75 lb pitty), and Lucy (205, er, 25 lb cat). WMG made out like a BANDIT. She got nearly everything on her list (the jacuzzi and private airplane were a bit out of everyone's budget). And I didn't do so badly. Thanks to the popularity of POC and POC2, there is no lack of goodies to make me happy.

We made it back to Smell Lay by 8pm, and promptly washed up and went to bed. I didn't dream of spiders or falling or being nekked in front of an audience, and the WMG slept like a log, so all's well that ends well. And to all, a good night.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger sappmama said...

Something told me to mosey over here and see what's going on with you. And here Wee Monkey had taken sick. I'm so glad she's alright and I really hope it continues to be nothing, just a weird moment.

That girl's the cleverest little chic I've ever met!

Good on ya for trooping on and having a nice holiday.

At 2:33 PM, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Thanks, Mama. I think she's gonna be O-KAY. :) We'll know more next week, when we go to have her brain examined. . .


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