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06 November 2006

Weekends. . .

Here it is, No-freakin-vember, and it's 90° and balmy. Gawd, if ever there was a reason for putting up with the craziness of So Cal, this weekend was it.

Started off the weekend by hooking up with a few fellow knitters at the Frolic Room. Yes, I went back to the scene of the crime. I felt I had to apologize for my obnoxious behavior two weeks ago. And of course, those I thought I offended most, responded with a nonplussed, "Oh. Don't worry about it." I guess even at my most outrageous, I don't even compare with the daily antics of the denizens of Hollyweird.

Sunday was a red letter day for the WeeMonkeyGurl. Ever since she was a wee bitty Monkey, she knew that when she turned eight, she'd be able to get her ears pierced. Fortunately, her (mis)behavior on and around her birthday failed to compel me to make the effort to follow through. HOWEVER, she seems to have turned the corner (it's hard to type when your fingers are crossed!), and is doing nicely both in school and at home. So when asked Friday night (yes, I was home before she went to sleep!), I told her she could get her ears pierced over the weekend.

Poor thing. She was so freakin excited. She's been waiting for this FOREVER (or at least since she was 3 and noticed the other girls had "hoes in deir eahs"!) Due to other demands (namely, catching up on some much-needed sleep!), Sunday was slated to be The Big Day. Although she tried desperately not to wake me before 9am, she was just too excited. As the clocked began to change from 8:59, she was at the ready with microphone in hand - "Wake up, Mama. Time to wake up!"

I tried to prep her for what was to come. I joked about getting her first tattoo when she was 12 and body piercing when she's 15. She said she didn't want anything else, except maybe to have her bellybutton pierced. I warned her that the belly button is about 10,000 times more painful than the ear (I honestly do not think I was exaggerating). We went to Claire's, because, after polling every person I know who has a girl, and questioning the parents of every newborn with pierced ears (yes, I do walk up to complete strangers and ask them about their body mutilating practices), that appears to be the only place to go. I was actually rather surprised by the knowledge and professionalism of the 18 y/o that handled the piercing ("Jenny" at Fox Hills Mall, in case you're interested).

Oh, when that first earring went in, I felt like I was shot through the heart. It immediately took me back to when WMG was a teeny, tiny tike and got her first shots. Just this look of shock, bewilderment and then, PAIN. Giant tears welled up in her huge, trusting eyes and her lips quivered. Jenny quickly did the second ear and handed her a pink lollipop. Jenny was The Bomb. WMG ravaged the lollipop, and confirmed that she will NOT be getting her belly button pierced.

Mah gurl quickly recovered, especially after she spied a sparkly chapeau to accent her new sparkly ears. So she worked me for it, and since my stomach was still in shambles, I easily gave in. She *does* look amazing.

Afterward, we tried to get something to eat, but the ONE THING at the food court that even remotely appealed to me was unavailable. Since I had not had a chance breakfast, Mama was becoming a cranky little monkey. We decided to go to Santa Monica, because I wanted to check out the Contemporary Crafts Market. After a bite to eat, I bid the WMG and Jman adieu, as they went to watch SC3 (there is not enough money in the world to make me go there!)

The Crafts Market was, in a word, overwhelming. It was like the Sawdust Festival on steroids. At first, it was nice, interesting, unusual, high quality, but then I realized I was seeing just the outside vendors. Hey-su Creesto. I literally found myself getting lightheaded and confused. There must have been eleventy-thousand booths, at least. (Again, NOT exaggerating!)

These guys were my favorite. They welcomed the visitors at the entrance.

This fellow is receiving transmissions from Marz. I don't know how else to explain that lime green band on the bottom of the picture. But that's how he knows to nod his head up and down.

He is my fav. His tail wags. :)

I did manage to procure a few holiday presents (yes, spent WAY too much), so it was worth the effort. But I don't think I'll ever try that again - TOO. MANY. VENDORS!

That's like complaining about Too Much Yarn. Seems insincere, but apparently, as with everything else, I DO have a limit. Good to know.


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Nice photos of the craft mart! The SM Civic is a rather dreary building (inside), but they always have good shows!

At 3:03 PM, Blogger miss kendra said...

i love that doggie!

and the ears! so sparklie!


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