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16 November 2006

But I Have No Personality!!!

I got this link from a friend. I put very little stock in personality tests and horrorscopes (unless you're talking about the crazy, amazing, ON POINT ones from CAP

But this one had fun sounds, cute graphics, and it was short, so I figgered, what the heck. This way, I could compare "me" to "ANTI-me". First I answered it as honestly as I could; then I answered it picking the absolute WORST colors (in my mind). A comparison of the results yielded support for my hypothesis - that all of these "tests" contain a component of general personality types, so any taker is bound to more or less agree with the results. . . unless you're one of the sociopathic individuals featured regularly on my favorite t.v. shoes (run-on sentence, anyone?)

1. Graphic of House; choice of colors: red, yellow, brown, gray or mint

Me (red): You have a strong personality that likes to take risks if the rewards are worth it. You don't like being told what to do and prefer to take matters into your own hands.

Well, yeah. No argument there.

Anti-Me (grey): You are a person who approaches their finances aggressively and with purpose. You make sure you have covered every angle by consulting the best professionals, then move in for the attack.

Hmmmmm. Agressive and with purpose. That sounds kinda like me as well.

2. Graphic of A Shirt; colors: red, yellow, royal blue, black or chartreuse

Me (royal blue): Preferring a more casual appearance, you are more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than in a suit. You don't like over dressing for any occasion, although you never look scruffy.

Mostly true – except for the scruffy part. I *always* looks scruffy! Even when I’m dressed up!!!

Anti-me (yellow): You are bubbly and approachable. Unrestricted by the latest fashion trends, you buy clothes only when they look good on you.

See, this starts off as being textbook anti-me, but then, the switch-up! I am *so* "unrestricted by fashion trends" that I'm considering using that as my new tag line.

3. Graphic of Rose; color: mint, red, baby yellow, white or pink

Me (pink): Variety is the spice of life! You are comfortable in any crowd or situation, and always come away with new friends.

About 50/50; I’m not comfortable in the least, but I act as if I am. And I usually come away with one or two new folks. . .

Anti-me (mint): You are a very friendly and always at the center of attention. However, this sometimes prevents you from establishing deep and lasting relationships as you spread your friendship thinly.

Hmmm. I think that’s more me than ANTI–me.

4. Graphic of car; colors: grey, red, yellow, black, baby blue.

Me (black): In your mind, the image your friends have of you is very important. You like to have the latest brands and are prepared to invest a lot of your money in quality and expensive possessions.

Well, the image my friends have of me is one of the more important things in my mind. But brands and possessions are the LEAST of my cares, and if people judge me on those, I will be found sorely lacking. I would say that is ANTI–me!

Anti-Me (yellow): Always searching for a bargain, you have many possessions. However, you tend to sell them immediately as soon as they go out of fashion.

That is *SO* me! Well, except for the fashion-conscious part. Aurgh. WTF is going on here?!

5. Graphic of Cell-Phone; colors: grey, black, red, blue, orange.

Me (grey - hey, if you're not caught up in the cell phone mania, you would admit it should be grey (which translates to silver) too!!!): A good listener. You are comfortable allowing others to take the spotlight and share their adventures. You are protective about your friendship and ensure the best for your friends.

Yes, I try. I *am* such a giver, aint I?!

Anti-Me (orange - BLECH!!!): Variety is the spice of life. You are comfortable in any crowd and get along easily with anyone.

That sounds familiar… Only now, it's Anti-me!

6. Graphic of Teddy Bear; colors: chartreuse, brown, tan, lavendar, pink.

Me (chartreuse - I luv mah funky aminals!!!): For you, friendship is an extension of business. Your care and attention is given only when it helps your personal situation.

Uh, ah, NO. Not just “no”, but F*CK NO. Helloooooo! Have you ever even met me?!

Anti-Me (BEIGE- how unbearingly BORING): You are very considerate. Friendship is the world to you, and you are friends with everyone. Be careful, as sometimes this works against you if you are too trusting.

Hee, hee. *So* not me. I trust NO ONE.

Amazing. I think I'll go consult a psychic next.


At 9:36 AM, Blogger miss kendra said...

the truth is out there.

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Abby Hansen said...

You're not scruffy...stop it.


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