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30 October 2006

Yes, I still Knit.

But several items I'm currently working on are for recipients who occasionally visit me here. But I can show you this. I'll give you three guesses (more if you're naughty!) as to what this is.

Went to the Craft 'Zine launch. It was nice, and it got me over on the east side, again. From the "I never win anything!" file, I was in the party maybe 3 minutes (long enough to fill out an entry form), when I won a door prize! Woo-hoo.



Monkeys like freebies.

Afterwards, I headed over to my new favorite clothing resale place (BBC on Sunset) WITHOUT step-by-step mapquest instructions(!), and bought a few possibilities for Halloweeny. Not that I need them, but hey, at $8 for 3, how can I pass that up?

Then, over to Annika's house for an estate sale. Well, actually, I prefaced my visit with the old "I have less room and more crap than you, but I really want to see MY baby, Sam" line. Worked like a charm. All I took with me (other than the feeling of a beautiful baby in my arms) was a very portable feng shui item. Not sure how it works, or what it's supposed to do, but it's already up and functional at the Monkey Abode.

Sunday, went to lunch with WMG and Jman in Westwood. Out of all the places available to us, would you believe the fast food counter in the Whole Foods Market best suited our needs (diversity of palate and limited time)?! Too funny. But I had a fresh mozzarella, 'mato and basil sammich that was TO DIE FOR.

Afterwards, we saw why might easily be THE FUNNIEST play EVER. EH-VER. I know it was the funniest I've ever seen. I (I wish literally) laughed my a$$ off! Oh, it was poignant and touching and humorous and compelling. What a wonderfully brilliant show. And I'd never been to any of the theaters on the Veterans' Administration grounds (actually, rather ominous, especially going by the imposing Mental Health Administration building - I could see all sorts of psych experiments being perfomed there!), and the Brentwood is just lovely. Very intimate.

So. . . How was YOUR weekend?!


At 5:51 PM, Blogger miss kendra said...

i'm sad that i'm not going to see your halloween!

At 1:32 PM, Blogger Tiger Feet said...

That does sound like a funny play, do you know if it is still running, wasn't clear from the link.

I may have to go as well...!

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Tiger Feet said...

sorry.. it's totally clear from the article how long the play runs for! Wasn't reading straight...


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