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11 October 2006

Chemo Update

Despite my (obvious) expectation that the sentiment would be appreciated, I ran it by 'Dre when she was up here the last time. She confirmed it would be okay. So off it went to NYC. I recently got a note back from Kim. She says, "First of all, you are hilarious. I absolutely love the hat and can't wait to wear it to chemo. My mom was laughing so hard."

Exactly the response I was hoping for. Of course, being me, I was further heartened when 'Dre updated me on the family happenings. "Kim said she emailed you. she LOVED the cap. Ash [Kim's housemate] said she was wearing it all around the house and he kept reminding her that she still had hair but she wanted to wear it anyway!"

Can I tell you how good that makes me feel? Probably not, since I'm a freakin' idiot when it comes to that emotional crap. Instead, I'll show you how my beautiful babies ('Dre's son and daughter) are enjoying themselves.

Aren't they the most beautiful angels EVER?!?!


At 9:12 PM, Blogger JenL said...

They are entirely too cute.

I'm so glad that she loved the cap. It is truly fabulous and just so perfect.


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