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17 August 2006

The Road to Perdition

Since I'm pretty much a lace virgin, I decided to start slowly with Knitty's Perdita. I figgered I could toss it in with the Dster's birdday bounty.

Since it is "LACE", I could practice my blocking skills. Monkey thinks I overdid it.

A closer (yet fuzzier!) view.

Never one to rest on my laurels, I figgered I'd try another version.

I think I'm hooked. The only drawback is (obviously), I have to pay attention when I'm knitting. Which means if I'm knitting to keep from strangling WeeMonkeyGurl while she's doing her homework, I can't do it (constant interruptions). If I'm knitting at the SnB, I can't do it (mah gurlz are *interesting*!!!) If I'm knitting while waiting for a movie to start, the light to turn green, or the elevator to come, I can't do it.


But, this also means the beautiful (real) lace projects I've been eyeing aren't completely out of my range. But if I ever say I'm working on the wedding ring shawl, just go ahead and lock me up.

In sad news, with heavy hearts, we bid Ms. Lucy a fond fare-thee-well this week. Sigh. We're gonna miss her goofy face, her loving, cuddling, wiggly ways. I tried to get her mom to take Jag instead, but no such luck. Sigh. At least she left me something to remember her by - when overjoyed to see her family, Miss Lucy engaged in Rapid Frenetic Movement - that is, "Taz" behavior. And she was kind enough to THWONK me one on the jaw. Big, thick doggie skull against my fragile leetle jaw. Thank the gods for advil.

There is one person who is not sad to see Miss Lucy leave.

The Gargoyle.

He's such a sweet boy.NOT.

Since he wouldn't hold still for a close up, I lifted him by his scruff. He looks much more handsome with the face lift.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger Sachi said...

You make me laugh,lady. WTG on the lace! I think you blocked it just fine.

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous laurie said...

OMG. The monkey in the picture makes ME SO SO SO HAPPY.

I heart you. And your monkey.

At 10:55 AM, Blogger miss kendra said...

i think your lace is lovely.


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