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12 July 2006

Who Loves Johnny D?!

Gawrsh. Not ME! This is my desk at the FatCatLawFirm. And it doesn't even include the article (with map) my boss gave me, or the magazine given to me by an attorney I barely even know!!! The wee plushy was given to me by none other than WeeMonkeyGurrl, who never willingly gives up McD's toys! She was so excited to be able to give this to me!!! And I was equally happy to receive it.

Yes, I have been caught kissing the plushie and have been severely reprimanded. No further inappropriate behavior will transpire (gee, it's hard to type with your fingers crossed!)


It's the picture of Ms. G on her first day home from the horse-spittal. Looking all chipper and cute in her StrongWoman cap. Amazing. I saw her over the holiday weekend (04 July), and she is as gracious and beatific as ever. She has friggin steel apparati in her (formerly known as) boobs, and she was playing welcoming committee. I want somma whatever she's got that keeps her up and positive.

Speaking of positive influences, Ellen's protoge, Brandi (from Stitches) was playing the role of "Enabler" yesterday. I popped in for a *QUICK* fix after the dental visit. I found some rather sproingy Capelli from Mango Moon. Soft, fluffy and 100% wool-free. *PERFECT* for the Dster's birdday pressie. HOWEVER, since it is laceweight, I had to buy three skeins. However, the price was right, so, cool, cool.

Lacking anything resembling a swift, I had some tv tray tables stand in. I have some very amusing, entertaining pix, but you know how Blooger feels about my pix. I'll add 'em in later, if it lets me. Quite full of fluffy, fibery goodness.

Anyhoo, I wound the 3 strands together. The WMG wanted to help, but her arms gave out after the first 3 or 4 minutes (also, it was interfering with her t.v. viewing). I was so excited about the yarn (which, despite being 68% a-kill-ack!, also contains 4% spandex!!!), I managed to also cast on and knit the ribbing!

So, back to Brandi. Since Stitches is a non-profit, folks donate yarn, some of which they use to make caps, some of which they sell. Since it's donated, it's straight cash that goes toward the administration of the organization. More often than not, it benefits everybody - donator (sense of righteousness, tax write off), purchaser (such a bargain!), and donatee (cash flow). I picked out a bag of loverly Berroco lullaby in what was formerly known as hot pink (magenta). 5 balls for $15. I couldn't beat that with a stick (it retails for $5 - $6/ball). Well, after softening me up with some sparkling conversation about Ellen and how great she is and how we all aspire to be like her, Brandi casually mentioned there was ANOTHER bag of 5 balls. 10 Balls for $30.

NO, I protest, I only came in here for the sock yarn. I *just* spent $80 on yarn I don't particularly like. My stash is eating my children.

She could not be dissuaded. So what if it was all one color? I could make a sweater with matching hat, gloves, scarf, and socks. I could make a mommy/daughter pairing for me and the monkey. I could make a complete layette set for some lucky monkey.

OH, FINE. I'm such a soft touch.

Unfortunately, I need to go back to the dentist TWICE in the next month or so...


At 5:07 PM, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

You are soooo funny! Brandi called me today to tell me that this darling "girl" was in the store, talking glowingly about me! So, you're the culprit!!! You NEEEEED more yarn, especially when you buy it at SFTH!!! Yay! Monkey Gurl!!!

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Laurie Ann said...

Psst...I love me some Johnny too.

And $3 a ball is Sweet! Way to go!


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