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11 July 2006

Here's the yarn

This is the stuff that is giving me so much trouble. It doesn't *look* harsh, does it? And it is the most beautiful, deep teal color. But after reading your comments, I think Lady L is right; it will be nice for something more substantial (like a pouch or small purse), and will be easier to work with if I perhaps crochet rather than knit.

As for the other colors, tho, I think I may take Ellen's advice and return them. Doing the math, I can spend $25 on 4 balls of yarn I can't stand, or on 1 or 2 balls I *LOVE*. Life's too short to knit with ugly yarn, right?

I have a dentist appointment - stupid crown broke, and it's only a year old!!! Good thing I've had TWO root canals (stay with me - this is relevant). Good thing the dentist office is ACROSS THE STREET from Stitches!!!


At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

I agree about the harsh yarn, knitting should be enjoyable!

BTW, your Topi variation is great! I'm putting together a gallery of my pattern designs and would love to include it if you'd like.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) I had to look back to remember what the "topi" was - HOW COULD I FORGET?! Yeah, sure, knock yerself out! But be advised it will be refurbed when the cold weather comes, so the Monkey will wear it to school (i.e., flowers, pink ribbon, etc.)

At 1:48 PM, Blogger ladylinoleum said...

And Ellen should know because that woman has yarn coming out of her ears!


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