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06 June 2006

Hot as Hades

But well worth it. The production of Oliver was highly entertaining. We had our bestest buds from San Diego come up to partake - yes, two large dogs, three pre-teens and four adults in one crappy little apartment during the hottest days of June in history. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

The auditorium, natch, was not airconditioned either, and of course, we couldn't get tickets for the saturday evening show (which, btw pissed me off to no end because when I drove all the way out there to drop off the wee MonkeyGurl, quite a few people remarked that they had extra tickets). So we got the Sunday "matinee", at 2 pm, arguably the hottest hour on the hottest day in history. But it was so worth it.

Here's the weeMG as "an orphan".

Would you believe those are Bebe capris (gods bless thrift stores!), in which I sewed an elastic band to give it that "bunched up" look without her having to deal with a functional belt, then ratted the cuffs, and knotted a bunch of ugly yarn to make a belt. Crafty, no?

And here she is as one of "Fagin's Kid"s
And yes, I did knit that cap, thankyouverymuch, based on Knitty's topi. There's even a matching scarf, but it was much too hot for that. But we can snazz it up with some pink stuff and she'll have a set next winter (assuming this global warming thing doesn't destroy the earth before then).

Good times, good times.


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