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23 April 2006

My Special Friend

You came into my room last night
Through the window I'd left open.

You covered me with your presence -
strong, insouciant and kind.

You told me of the distant lands you've been
The roles you've played, the horrors you've seen.

You showed me your scars
And asked to see mine.

You covered me with kisses
light and then, insistent

You opened my mind and
You filled me with yours

You moved with the distant drumbeat
You took me with you

Your sweat dropped down on me
Quenching my thirst

You took me to equilibrium
I didn't want to move

You smiled at me
that childish grin, those soulful eyes

But in an instant, it was gone.
And with the light of dawn, you disappeared.

I sighed and smiled.


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