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19 March 2006

Oy Vey - Marathon Sunday

The wee Monkeygurl has a softball game today at 1pm. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by this. Using far-too-narrow sidestreets, I was able to make it to within a 1/2 mile of the park, but that meant Jaggers and I couldn't go watch the game. :( I was very saddened to watch the wee Monkeygurl on her scooter and the Jman hoofin' it across the phlanx of runners. Jaggers likes the games - when I get all excited and yell, she barks her Big Dawg Bark and encourages the wee Monkey.

But its probably just as well. Said wee Monkeygurl woke mama Monkey up at EIGHT IN THE A.M. this morning. She is obviously suicidal. So I made her do homework (muwahahahahaha!!!) Mama Monkey can be evil, too. And now, I find myself all showered and dressed with *literally* nowhere to go. Which means, gin and knitting are my best friends - after I check all the updates on all the blogs that I usually don't get to until Monday morning. And I guess I can't get too schnockered, b/c someone has to pick up the StudMonkey after her win (they don't keep score - so she by default wins every game). Hopefully, I'll at least be able to drive to the field when I go back. . . because nobody walks in LA.


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