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02 February 2006


Doing all I can to prepare for next week's festivities. Didja see my new button?! Purty dang cool, arg! In light of the upcoming Knitlympics, I have actually accomplished many things.

First, I finished off some fingerless gloves/mitts/armwarmers (courtesy of AlterKnits) to go with a hat (courtesy of my inability to do simple math and fudging everthing!) I knit for OGButtergurl. The hat was promised in OCTOBER. The gloves she only hinted about at xmas. I was very happy to get them all done. Model courtesy of Ford Models - one Wee Monkeygurl. Photo courtesy of the Jman, who still doesn't realize he's getting paid to shoot the KNITTING, not the model. Oy.

Next, I finished some convertible mitts for said Week Monkeygurl that she'd been hounding me for. Actually, it's only been a couple of weeks, so I guess it wasn't *that* bad. And since I wasn't really using one pattern (guessed on the cuffs, used the previous mitts for the thumb gussets, fudged around for the covers), I had to frog a few times before getting the right size. Gauge? Pattern?! We don't need no stinkin' pattern!!!!

And since I was using all oddball yarn, they (unintentionally) came out looking like neapolitan ice cream! Allz I need is a cherry on top. But that would be TOO dang cutesy, even for me!

Found the perfect buttons for Olivia's Haiku

One of these days I'll get a picture of the hat. Its just too friggin funny.

Finished the rufflescarf (fudging of several designs) and matching bear scarf

Oh, and finished the re-re-intarsia part of the xmas stocking. I also have the stocking part done, so I guess I just need to meld the two together. Vulcan knit meld. Hmmm.

SO. I'm working on a crappy little pet bed (kitty pi, without the felting, since I have no washing machine in our crappy little apartment) for Bucket, since he always steals Jag's bed.

What's that Jag? You can't hear me? That's cuz you gotta Bucket on your BUTT!!!!

Anyway, it should be done by tonite or tomorrow, which gives me a week to decide on a yarn, actually purchase said yarn, and go through the pattern. (she says, jumping and shaking like an olympic athlete preparing to compete.) I think I can, I think I can!

Oh, and speaking of why this event is such a challenge for me - I got word that TWO of the teachers aids for wee Monkeygurl are pregnant and getting a surprise (joint) baby shower. Normally, I'd be all, like, "Oh, I gotta knit a blankie for one and a sweater and cap for the other!" Which would mean the project I'm doing FOR ME (once again) gets pushed aside. It was the hardest thing to say (to myself), "Self, you are already committed to the sweater for the Olympics. You cannot change events right before the competition!" Well, maybe I can, but don't tell me that. Afterward, if there is time (since neither are due until after March!), I will knit them a little sumpin. Or NOT! hehehehehehehe. . .


At 4:53 PM, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Girlfriend! Why don't you whip up two easy, easy hats for the babies to be? Use fat yarn, fat needles...add pom-pom! Perfect! Good luck.

At 5:14 PM, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...




Oh, okay. Since I bought some of that Susskit yarn on sale, anyway!!! Who says crack is worse than yarn?!

At 9:47 AM, Blogger miss kendra said...

you can do it! make yours first though.

that's something that never happens.

(thanks so much for your giftie! you're so sweet. come back more!!!!)


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