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06 February 2006

Happy Moanday

Well, not too bad of a weekend. I was quite productive, actually. Made it to Michaels - I decided to get some stuffing for Ugly Cat Bed to make it more comfy. Actually, despite being knit in various barf-like colors of LB Homespun, it turned out looking quite nice. Go figger. And the funny thing about it is, I put it on the floor for Bucket to get used to. He sneered at me from Jaggers' big, comfy bed, and said, "yeah, as IF." Since she had really no where else to go, Jaggers rested on the UCB (well, she got her head and one paw on it, anyway), as if to say, "Look, Bucket. It's really nice!" When I snuck downstairs for a midnight snack, guess who was sitting on the UCB? BUCKET!!! Of course, he was more "perched" on it than curled up in it, but it's a start.

Let's see. . . What else? Oh, I went to a fahncee yarn store last week. What is it about a (potentially) snooty environ that frightens me so? I can go to the middle of compton (unarmed) and not think twice. I can get into fights (always defending, never instigating) at gas stations with multiple assailants. I can walk alone down deserted streets at 2am, and not even bat an eye, but as soon as I am thinking about loitering with ladies who lunch, my breath gets shallow, my heart palpitates and I change my mind at least 15 bazillion times. But I finally screwed up my courage by reminding myself I had purposely changed in to my "real purse" (as opposed to a happy bunny backpack or hello kitty messenger bag) in order to feel less ill at ease with the pilates@lunch bunch. Of course, said purse was from WalMart on Crenshaw, but they wouldn't know that.

It wasn't *too* bad. A few novice knitters and one well-known (at least by me) blogger were hanging out in the lounge area, stitching and bitching. The woman that worked there was very helpful and patient with my self-deprecating observations. I even scored some nice "plum" yarn. But at $11.25 per 140 yd skein, I won't be making a sweater out of this any time soon. Still, it took all I had not to fondle it and play with it immediately (had to finish the UCB first!) I'm hoping there's enough for some fingerless mitts, but I'm using US 4s in a double ribbed pattern, so I'm kinda getting worried.

But it doesn't matter because I won't be done before friday, and this Friday is the opening ceremonies!!! Go to Stephanie's site to see the update. Pretty amazing bunch, those wacky knitters are!

Since I will put aside ALL OTHER KNITTING (can I do it?!?!), the mitts will have to wait. And finishing the xmas stocking will have to wait. And a few other WIPs that have been gathering dust and lawd knows what else will have to wait until I complete my event!! I don't know if I can do it. Honestly. I'm really good at starting projects, its the finishing of them that gives me difficulties. I think I get bored past a certain point (and with these US4s, it took about 5 rows for me to reach that point), and don't care about the old project anymore. I can actually empathize with those curious old bastards that have a newer, younger girlfriend every 2 years. I'm not saying it's right, just that I can kinda understand. . .

Oh, and WHO JINXED ME? Miss K, was it you? After all, you've been in a car accident, your S.O. was in a motorcycle accident, and you fell down the stairs, all within a matter of weeks. On Friday, someone set our apartment building on fire!!! Now, I'm the first to admit, I'm not in love with our CLA (crappy little apartment), but please, try not to set the roof on fire, especially during the day when the doggies are home but no one else is. Really. Actually, we were very fortunate that the LAPD airship noticed the smoke (I take back all the foul things I said in my head at 2 in the morning when the airship was buzzing the tower), and the firefighters got there relatively quickly. UNfortunately, I didn't get there in time to see said firefighters. Fortunately, most of the damage is limited to two apartments (ironically, the most damaged apartment is being let by a person who works for FEMA!!! How funny is that?!) UNfortunately, the property management company president is being a DICK about everything - he says the company is under no obligation to provide housing for the displaced renters, and they still have to pay rent, even tho the place is not habitable. Fortunately, one of the lessees has renters insurance (something I may invest in - TODAY), and they cover everything, including hotel, etc. UNfortunately, the one without renters insurance is a single mom and the unit that suffered the most damage. Fortunately, the Red Cross may help her out with temporary lodging. How does this affect me? Other than the unsettling feeling of narrowly avoiding disaster and the karmic offensiveness of the prop mgmt co pres? Well, since the Jman is the resident manager, he has to deal with all the bureaucratic nonsense that necessarily follows such an event. And if he has to so much as take two extra steps in a day, I'm hearing about that (with accompanying whines, groans and complaints) for the next two years. That's how it affects me. All of a sudden, it becomes his raison d'etre; or rather, his reason to do nothing.

But bless the wee MonkeyGurl's heart - she wanted to take some of her toys to the 4 y/o that was displaced! I'm so proud of her (but I suggested she wait until he has a place to put them).


At 2:08 PM, Blogger miss kendra said...

it was probably me.

i have that effect on people.


At 8:40 PM, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

S'alright, Miss K. I still love you.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

The Knit Cafe is a lovely store. They are very welcoming and friendly too. "Grandma Hollywood" (Denise Bouter) is an exceptional knitter and designer. She used to attend our WeHo SnB meetings, but then they got too crowded for her.
You might want to check out the Stitches From The Heart Store on Pico in Santa's near 33rd St. and the SM Trader Joe's. The volunteers at this store are REALLLLLY friendly and helpful. They also have a large selection of high and low-end yarns! It's a quick ride from our house on the 10!


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