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02 December 2005


Okay, I realize (kinda) that "midget" is not an appropriate word, they are "little people" or "dwarves" or whatever. But this was not an appropriate situation. And the twisted little pervert deep inside of me was uproariously amused by the audacity of the building management to engage in such a travesty. I mean, you have twin towers, each filled with hundreds of White Men In Suits, Fat Cat Lawfirms, securities firms, investment firms and government offices. And you have fricken MIDGETS dancing on tables, handing out cupcakes!! They may as well had strippers on poles or African-American men in shackles and chains. They were totally and completely objectifying these people based on their stature!!! And they were making them dress as elves, to boot!!!

I decided that since there is absolutely NOTHING I can do that would be more inappropriate than that, I will, after all, go to our company "Holiday Party".

I apologize for the lack of clarity of the pix. I was using my cell phone, and trying to NOT be obvious. But I think they knew. . . Here are the wee ones:

And for some unknown reason, they thought a COW would be a festive touch.

On a less potentially offensive note, I *finally* went to the WeHo SnB. Everyone was as fantastic as they said they'd be. Very friendly, very welcoming. And it was good to have people with shared interests. The most interesting thing was, everyone I spoke with had some major personality-defining characteristic in common with me, and yet had some equally major personality-defining characteristic in opposition with me! It was very cool, because not only could I identify with each person, I could also learn from each person. And perhaps even contribute. Verrrrah kewel.

And the best part was, Purl was somehow magically separated from her heretofore ever-present camerererera, so I didn't have to conveniently disappear if she whipped it out!!! I'm sure that now our encounter has passed, the camererererera will reappear. Check in the fridge, Purl.


At 12:28 PM, Blogger miss kendra said...

it was so great to finally meet you!

i'm glad you came.

i hope my "opposing quality" wasn't anything too bad, or creepy. it's not the glue sniffing thing is it?

because i can stop anytime i want to.


At 2:23 PM, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) Miss K, your opposing quality is your frighteningly prolific ability to COOK. Fact of the matter is, I can follow any recipe, but I HATE COOKING. Wereas you seem to luxuriate in it.

Sniffing, on the other hand, whether glue or Boy's pits, is totally acceptable.

At 8:55 PM, Blogger schnoobie said...

Hey MOnkygurrl.....So so so JEALOUS that you got to go to the sNB. I'm stuck here in the friggin Midwest . Just a tad too far for the ol truck to drive. Im worried about CAP though... I so hope she finds the right mindset for Monday!!!The little people holiday thing must have been mondo wierd. I could have dressed up and handed out sweets for the right fee of course.(Plus air fare) But then I'm too tall I'm sure.(5"1")Maybe I could hand out beers....and candy canes!!!

At 12:45 PM, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) Purl got her camera back. I think that's akin to Stella gettin her groooooove back. :)

At 8:12 AM, Blogger Chase Squires said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog ...

Alias is trying to build buzz in a disappointing year by riding Lost's coattails. Invasion was supposed to be in reruns this month anyway, so nothing lost .. Invasion returns to the slot in January .. it's just the usual network tomfoolery in December, a traditionally dead month ..

btw, if you looove monkeys, check out the drawing of Booze Monkey on the blog (Recless Abandon!) ... I actually got that tattooed on my shoulder!


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