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01 December 2005

Quick Post

Man, my camera sucks. It's an old-fashioned (!!!) APS film type. I have a digital, but I haven't figgered out how to download pix yet. Anyway, I just got these pix back (of course, I hung on to the film for 3 months before sending it in!)

This is a re-do of the mud flap gurl previously done in pink and black. I had this whole complex idea of longer straps that could be criss-crossed or worn straight, but the end result was horrific enough to submit to you knit what?!'s fuh-fuh-FUGLY contest. So I frogged the top, and redid it with shorter, more functional straps and some wicked kewl buttons. Turned out pretty cute.

(and back)

This is a sweater that was a WIP for about 2 years. Seriously. I started it for one of my best friends, the Smellster, finished all the pieces parts, then put it on the back burner near the xmas season. The next year, a stray hair up my arse caused me to cobble the pieces together, but then it was cast aside when I was distracted, no doubt, by some bright shiny object. I finally finished it just last month, and I was able to gift it to the recipient at her husband's 40th birthday celebration. I am so inappropriate on so many levels even I am amazed. But even after all that time, Smellster was so happy to get her sweater, all warm and cushy and even in one (of two) of her favorite colors. I was considering doing a contrasting trim in red (her other favorite color) funfur, but that was too fugly for even me to seriously contemplate.

Well, I gotta go to the WeHo SnB tonite. Too many kind-hearted souls have given me toys for the Afgan tots for me to flake this time. I sure hope these crazy knitters are as nice as they say they are. :) Purl, Miss K, and Crazy Ellen


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