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08 December 2005

I need HELP!

With holiday presents, of course. I can't think of what to get my favorite boss. And it has to be something good (because he's my favorite!) and it can't be a gift card or something like that (because he's loaded).

What does one get a literate, cultured, sophisticated, reasonably well-off man?! LIKE *I* SHOULD KNOW?!?! Other than my doe-eyed admiration of him, we've got NOTHING in common. Aurgh. Aurgh. All serious suggestions welcome.

Oh, and nothing knitted. Last year I made a most excellent waffle-weave scarf and double-knit cap in requisite grey and black, and although he was very gracious (as is his nature), he was, shall we say, a little less than enthusiastic (although his wife and daughters all appreciated the quality and effort that went into the gift).


At 9:42 PM, Blogger miss kendra said...

wine? special liquor?

if he's fancy he might like an aged whiskey or something.

or maybe that's me....

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Chase Squires said...

As a guy, here are a list of the things we like to get for Christmas (assuming one obvious choice is off the list because we don't know you too well or are in danger of getting caught) ..

1) Booze. Start at Maker's Mark and work your way up. Good, brown liquor. Mmmm.

2) Cigars. Good, brown cigars. Mmmm. (if you don't know, ask a cigar shop, being in the highly-taxed Republic of Calif, you're likely to spend more on cigars than surgery.)

3) Ties. Good, silk ties. Not that crap from (insert chain dept. store here) .. I'm talking fine-ass expensive ties from Brooks Brothers or equivalent. Mmmm.

What we don't want, ever:

1) electric razors.


They are marketed to women to buy for men at Christmas and Father's Day.

No man wants an electric razor. They don't work worth a damn, and frankly, shaving isn't that big a pain in the butt like they make it seem on tv. I have never cut myself shaving.



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