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14 November 2005

And now for some actual knitting

So, I've been diligently working on my [unnamed object] for [unnamed person], but I don't know if it's the size of the needles (ONES!! They're like friggin toothpicks!!), or the nature of the yarn (cotton - it doesn't have much "give"), but I found myself increasingly afflicted with RSIs. Yes, I wore my compression gloves, yes, they helped, and no, I could not break entirely with knitting for a week or so while the digits recuperated, so I indulged in some Truly Mindless Knitting. TMK, although considered the devil's spawn for real knitters, is *wonderful* for novice knitters, like myself, who are challenged by even the most basic of patterns. For my TMK, I chose a yarn I *swore* I would never again knit with,
but it is the most yummy colors of chocolate and teal I just couldn't resist. And knitting it in gauge makes it squishy, mushy, squashy soft. I just want to cuddle up and snuggle with it.

I decided on the easiest of all possible things - a sideways knit striped scarf, completely done in garter. I managed to work in a couple of accent stripes using some oddball leftovers in teal and chocolate brown, and it is turning out beautifully. Since I don't have a digital camera, these came from my phone, and does not do the colors the least bit of justice.

(For those who are considering a Denise Interchangeables purchase, this scarf is 340 stitches long. I'm using 2 Denise cables with the attachment because the long cable is currently in use on yet another project. Other than occasionally helping the stitches over the join, these have been absolutely delightful to work with. Nothing has come off, nothing has snagged and because the weight of the needles is almost NOTHING, the project is much easier on my wrists. NYAA, I'm just sayin'. . .)

I've decided to use this to my advantage - the scarf is going to my niece for xmas, along with a plush bear that will have a matching scarf. The bear was a purchase that (1) raised $$ for California Childrens Cancer Fund and (2) had a matching donation made to a kid in one of four area hospitals. So I get to cross a name off my list *AND* do something to "give back" at the same time!!! Can't beat that!!!


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